The FRZR is a music and multimedia production company created by three brothers from Syracuse, NY. We specialize in cinematography, audio production, photography and graphic design/media - Providing knowledge and assistance with creative direction, marketing and strategy. Our mission is to supply our clients quality services with high end product.

Emerging in 2011, The FRZR was founded by stepbrothers Dom Scicchitano and Sean Horan. What started as a friendship based on similar interests in music, parties and skateboarding quickly evolved into a collaborative passion for music and visual arts. As this passion grew into an obsession, the two resorted to a vacant room in their basement to create. This cool space came to be known as "The Freezer".

With a growing hunger for success, Dom and Sean spent the remaining years of high school refining their craft all the while collaborating with friends, local artists and brands. The Freezer became their dojo. Not only for self-growth, but for creative development and innovation. The knowledge and experiences gained through creating would open the doors to pursue an education in the fields of music and visual arts from 2012-2016. After graduating from college, Dom and Sean returned to The Freezer, but this time with their third brother, Tate Horan. Together, the three have combined forces to create high quality work, each bringing their own influences and specializations to the table. 

The FRZR represents something much greater than three brothers. We represent the unpredictable product of collaborating with artists and brands and passion. Together we work daily, generating artwork that truly expresses how we feel. The greatest gift we have been blessed with is the ability to pursue what we love.

Welcome to The FRZR.

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